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Epson 9900. The best in the business!

At Eprint, we use an Epson 9900, capable of stunning prints up to 44 inches (about 1100mm) wide.

Coupled with the Ilford Galerie range of papers, we believe you wont get a better job.

The Stylus Pro 9900 f

eatures Epson’s patented Thin Film MicroPiezo head technology with an enhanced 2880x1440dpi resolution. Unlike competing mechanisms that are based on heat, the TFP uses an electro-mechanical movement that is not only kinder to the ink chemistry for better imaging with more stable output, but consumes less power, is more flexible and more durable. Micro-fine drop-on-demand nozzles enable superior dot shaping with reduced overspray, more precise placement and volume / density control. The head features a 10 channel construction that is complemented with an advanced LUT (Look-Up-Table) and an 11 cartridge supply system with automatic Matte / Photo Black switching that optimises the dynamic range on different media types. The printer incorporates VSDT (Variable-size Droplet Technology) that enhances image quality with superior half-tones and optimised colour density while also minimising ink consumption. A special coating on the head works in conjunction with self monitoring, cleaning, and alignment systems to ensure predictable, consistent and reliable output with minimal user maintenance.

UltraChrome High Dynamic Range (HDR) ink is an expansion of Epson’s famous K3 family. Using aqueous (water based) all-pigment ink technology, the K3 series produces prints which dry quickly to become water and scratch resistant with an incredible colour gamut and Dmax. The printer automatically switches between Matte and Photo Black to suit the gloss levels on different media types. It mixes the base black with light and light-light black ink to provide the maximum possible tonal range with a neutral grey, excellent balance, reduce bronzing and no colorcasts/colour twist. Colour is stable in just 30 minutes and can remain lightfast for up to 300 years or longer*. HDR ink uses improved Microcrystal Encapsulation™ Technology for a reduced gloss differential and more consistent colour under different lighting conditions. It also extends the gamut range with Vivid Magenta for brighter blues and pinks, Orange for fine facial tones and lighting effects, as well as Green for superior landscape and environmental imaging. Used together the inks provide for an incredible 98% coverage of the Pantone® pallet.

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